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Stem cell therapy for back pain

Stem cell therapy for back pain

Stem Cell Injections for Back Treatment are typically part of an overall treatment protocol.

Most providers will try to provide relief by prescribing stretching, physical therapy or exercise before they try other things.

Then comes the shots, and other masking the pain options…often several rounds of shots.

Spine Functional Restoration Protocol may be prescribed to help reduce pain and provide strengthen in the intercostal muscles that start to atrophy with age. Most will prescribe the What A Relief protocol.


Many may find temporary relief in Electrical Medicine along the way.


At this point many will be prescribed back surgery, but now that stem cell injections are becoming more main stream many are turning to stem cell injections for back pain and seeing positive results.

Stem Cells are designed are regenerative or restorative medicine, with the goal of RESTORATION!

Many providers are using the iSTEMCELL product because of the high potency, and the fact that they are from healthy baby / healthy mommy umbilical tissue managed at a FDA certified tissue bank.

Cost of Stem cell therapy for back pain

Prices will vary from coast to coast, but the high potency injections range from $3000.00 to $5000.00 . You can find other stem cells like those in Mexico, or those derived from animal fat for as low as $900.00 but be careful to understand the process. It is often a BUYER BEWARE type of process, so do your research.


How to save money on stem cell injections

  1. Go out of country
  2. Use your own

Donsides :

1 You may not know where the cells are harvested, or how they are handled.

2 Could be animal tissue

3 if you use your own tissue, you may have removal site pain and problems as well as the host is aged which will reduce the quantity of active stem cells.

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iSTEMCELL is the global leader in STEM CELL education connecting researchers, providers, doctors, and clients to the industry. Dedicated to helping cane the world, and focused on restoration versus operation utilizing regenerative medicine between you are your provider we will highlight topics from Amniotic Stem Cells to Umbilical Stem Cells and everything in-between including but not limited to topics like Electrical Medicine, Non Surgical Back Pain, Autologous Stem Cell Re-injection and research topics like the difference between Mesenchymal Stem Cells, Wharton’s Jelly Stem Cells. We will also highlight protocols found in the industry, as well as things like cell count, contraption, contraindications, popular uses and stem cell reviews and even brands like HUCT Stem Cells.

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