Human Umbilical Cell Tissue stem cell injection therapy is now our leading protocol.
Top reasons HUCT are so popular:
  • They are extracted from a healthy baby/healthy mother umbilical cord after birth with complete consent which provides for huge benefits.
  • No Evasive Extraction from your own body needed that often comes with additional pain, and site side effects making it less evasive.
  • NO Typing, or matching required
  • Pre-Harvested Cells ready for injection within 72 hours of order.
  • Time to treatment reduced (TTT) as many people get treatment the same week they are approved for most protocols.
  • The quantity of stem cells (STq) in a new born umbilical extraction are thousands of times more potent than in an aged body.
  • HUCT Stem Cells Can be delivered at the injection site or POINT OF PROBLEM (POP) or via and IV with a special additive to enhance the results depending on treatment results required and protocol deemed necessary for treatment.
  • Many high potency protocols in the past were $7,000 to $15,000 and HUCT is a fraction of the old methods as it does not require 2 different processes than to the elimination of the extraction on demand from the client.
Overall HUCT STEM CELLS have been out top choice this year, and last but rest assured we are always creating, testing, looking for the best products, services, and protocols for our clients.
Now in conjunction with Electrical Medicine and WAR we are seeing testimonials unlike ever before and the adoption of consumers desperate to have similar testimonials are increasing in demand regularly and we are excited about the future of regenerative medicine and the part stem cells will paly in changing people’s lives.

Electrical Medicine

The body runs on electricity and has millions of cells with negative, and positive charges and hundreds of frequencies. When stem cells are injected into the body, and electrical medicine is applied the the correct frequency it is a natural match to what God created and should provide increased results. Many testimonials are stating the electrical medicine has:
  • Speed of the results for positive outcomes
  • Allowed for targeted results
  • Minimized pre-treatment acute pain while clients wait for injection
  • Increased would healing
  • Provided grounding, and the ability to center pre-injection and more.
Back Pain Relief through HUCT STEM CELL INJECTIONS in conjunction with Electrical Medicine and What A Relief protocol (HuctEMwar)
The Electrical Medicine Foundation reports a great increase in testimonials when clients get the following HuctEMWAR protocol.
For those suffering from acute back pain, the pain spot is treated by electrical medicine to reduce discomfort, and reduce pain to a level that stress, tension and WAR protocol to be applied for long-term recovery of back pain.
Once the acute stages are resolved client is put on a 2x weekly protocol to help regenerate the spine functional restoration to provide for a prepared body and increase range of motion, which often times reduces pain to a level of success.
Then Stem cells are injections during this process and a lifestyle or Spine Function resumes on the what a relief back pain technology.
Making the HuctEMWAR protocol our medical director favorite testimonials.
Out goal it to help and educate people about their options.
Regenerate not Operate is what we strive for, but there are times that surgery may be required but at the end of the day customers know their bodies the best and how they want to receive care should be left up to them as long as they know all the options available to them we have met or goal!
HUCT + Electrical Medicine + What A Relief = EDUCATED & HAPPY CUSTOMERS

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