Stem Shot AKA Stem Cell Injection

Stem Shots or Stem Cell Injections using Human Umbilical Cord Tissue and blood

Stem Shots or Stem Cell Injections using Human Umbilical Cord Tissue and Blood at the same time have seen increased potency or cell count per thousand.

A recent article says "Up to 6-fold increase in engrafted cells for transplant when cord blood and cord tissue stem cells are combined in a pre-clinical setting." 

Overseeing Doctors and providers presented at First Meeting of the Placenta Stem Cell Society 

Taghizadeh RR, Pollok KE, Betancur M, et al. Wharton’s jelly derived mesenchymal stem cells: regenerative medicine beyond umbilical cord blood. Presented at: First Meeting of the Placenta Stem Cell Society (IPLASS). From Fetomaternal Tolerance to Immunomodulary Properties of Placenta-Derived Cells in Cell Therapy [poster abstract]; October 3–6, 2010; Brescra, Italy. [As measured by CD45+]

Stem Cell Therapy is know the world over and more and more very strong testimonials are providing positive outcomes in many cases. Like any thing do your research, find a qualified provider you can trust and make wise choices.

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